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Normamed Check-up COMPACT

Staying healthy is not difficult. But it takes time and attention. Especially without suffering. This check-up has been compiled for you so that you can comprehensively check your health at intervals of one to two years.

The Normamed Check-up COMPACT is therefore a control for the prevention of new or recurrent organ dysfunctions and for the early detection of new infections. It also makes sense to periodically perform a status of the immune system and digestive functions through the included spleen and gallbladder check-ups. Select this check-up for prevention if you have already been treated by our doctors.

  • Survey of current findings, analysis for weak points and additions
    Complete, qualified and careful sample collection in the laboratory (smears and blood samples, medium scale)
  • Evaluation of the samples
  • The Normamed basic medical history with detailed questions about your current health status and your current complaint history and past illnesses
  • A medical consultation and initial discussion to classify the results
  • Internal investigation investigation
  • Sonographic examination
  • Functional diagnostic investigations of medium circumference (ECG, cardio)
  • Use of the Oral and Pharyngeal Diagnostics (a gentle self-examination of your oral mucosa, from the results of which many important information about your metabolism and the function of your internal organs can be obtained)
  • TCM examination and check-up (tongue and pulse diagnostics) in a TCM practice chosen by the patient (advice on request)
  • Individual dietary and prevention recommendations (eg for general hygiene, partner behavior, food handling, and if necessary, the inclusion of metabolism-stabilizing measures in traditional Chinese medicine)
  • A check-up report that you can use to decide what to do next
  • A final medical interview to classify the results and treatment planning
  • Telephone advice during implementation

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